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Patient privacy and data security are among the most pressing issues facing organizations trying to bring healthcare data together. Aligning data across the full patient journey is complicated by the fact that healthcare data in both clinical care and the “real world” is generated in many forms.   Committed to advancing healthcare while protecting Personal Health Information (PHI), MSA supports compliance with standards, guidelines, and legislation issued by regulatory bodies,...

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Aggregating Data

Specialty Pharmacy data analytics are changing due to the fact that combining clinical data with Specialty Pharmacy data gives a more complete picture of the patient’s story. Aggregated patient-centric data guides product development and product distribution, from the discovery process through patient outcomes measurement and ultimately determining the effectiveness of the drug. Specialty Pharmacy data analytics that aggregate Specialty Pharmacy data with data from other sources can measure both the...

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MSA is thrilled to be heading to the Specialty Pharmacy Summit 2019 presented by Asembia, April 29 through May 2, in Las Vegas.   Tony Fontecchio, VP, and Linda Vetovich will meet with SP industry leaders to explain how the Life Sciences division applies the corporate competencies (data management, business analytics, and information technology) to healthcare data management and to healthcare data infusion and analytics. Utilizing patented...

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