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MSA's custom solutions and unparalleled services drive data strategies and power growth
Patient Data De-Identification

MSA's HIPAA-compliant solutions provide de-identified data for sophisticated patient-centric analytics.

Patient Data Integration/Linking

MSA integrates your data with the data we offer - Lab, Behavioral, EMR Clinical, and Medical Claims data - to provide the anonymous, patient-level databases you need.

Quality Data for Analytics

MSA services and solutions enable you to maximize the value of patient data; we turn raw data into powerful information that you can trust.

Is data your thing? It is ours.

Safeguarding sensitive patient data while maintaining HIPAA and other regulatory compliance is one of the most significant challenges facing the healthcare industry. MSA can help.

Partnering with MSA for patient data de-identification, anonymization, and data management protects your data while enabling you to get the most from your healthcare data.

We do data faster, simpler, and better than anyone else.

MSA's flexible and configurable solutions enable...

the securing, connecting, and sharing of health data

Why Select MSA

to De-Identify and Integrate Data?

Because MSA is the industry leader and most trusted third-party partner for the de-identification, integration, and management of HIPAA-protected patient data. Our customizable and configurable data solutions securely and efficiently manage data while you focus on optimizing your business.

And because:

MSA's industry-leading, patented DE-ID Engine incorporates the latest technological and security advancements to de-identify healthcare data.

MSA's Data@Factory transforms and integrates disparate data sets into longitudinally-aligned, anonymous patient-level databases for high-level analytics and research.

No healthcare organization can afford a HIPAA data breach.

The More You Know

MSA Healthcare Data Management advances the industry

by providing intelligent data solutions and services

that connect secure, quality data in innovative ways.


MSA designs solutions with the flexibility required to meet the specific needs of a wide range of healthcare organizations.


MSA solutions are designed with the capabilty of handling a growing amount of work and/or an increasing number of projects.


MSA’s unique anonymization and integration solutions are the leading choice of forward-thinking healthcare organizations.

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