Data Management Solutions: Value-Added Benefits

MSA value added benefits

Data Management Solutions: Value-Added Benefits

When selecting a partner for the de-identification, integration, and management of patient data — while securing patient privacy — it’s important to ensure the use of the right technologies and processes. It’s equally as important to weigh the value of all the additional benefits (service, flexibility, etc.) a potential partner provides.


Providing best-in-class de-identification and matching capabilities, MSA offers the most credentialed, most configurable, and most trusted data management solutions, delivering the high-quality datasets pharmas need to get and stay a step ahead. MSA’s competitive advantage for nearly six decades is not only the superiority of its technologies, but also its innovative way of serving customers.


There are many important benefits that make MSA stand out from all other vendors. One of those benefits is certified security and privacy. MSA’s environment is HiTRUST-certified; earned and maintained by successfully completing and passing thorough security evaluations. HiTRUST certification validates that MSA has met industry-defined mandates and maintains the highest standards of cyber risk management and patient data loss prevention.


MSA maintains the toughest security and privacy certifications. Stringent controls, including administrative, physical, and technological safeguards, ensure compliance with rigorous HIPAA and HiTRUST standards. Rigorous HIPAA and HiTRUST policies and procedures guide the experienced MSA Healthcare Data Management team in the proper care and use of protected health information (PHI), including the protection of PHI from natural and environmental hazards and unauthorized intrusions, to decrease potential security issues. MSA owns two secure data centers run by the largest staff of data center specialists and technology experts – with best-in-class technology skills – in the region.


Learn more about MSA’s differentiating services and solutions – such as flexible deployment, patented technologies, highest patient matching rates, on-going quality management, and unparalleled customer service.  Reach out to the HCDM Team.


Click to download the whitepaper: The Value of Value-Added Benefits

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