Data Solutions for Building Your Product Value Story

Data Solutions for Building Your Product Value Story

Imagine that your company is preparing to launch a new branded drug with distinct advantages in efficacy and side-effect profile. You are challenged by a crowded market dominated by generics.  Ninety-six percent of the market share is shared across multiple generics; three other branded products compete for the remaining 4%. The market value is high, so dominating the branded competitors is not only a significant win for patients, but a significant win for your company and shareholders.


Suppose too, that your sales and marketing strategy (“Right Patient, Right Time”) includes promoting your brand’s efficacy and side-effect profile to gain market share. Having access to clinical lab data would allow you to monitor patient response to your therapy. Analyzing lab test results provides the real-world evidence needed to demonstrate the value of your brand, particularly as the efficacy of the generic therapies wains over time.


Demonstrating the value of your brand beyond the FDA approved pivotal trials using real-world evidence is critical to gaining market access with payers and swaying healthcare providers. There is a proven solution available to you today that can accelerate your gathering of real-time, real-world evidence to support your “Right Patient, Right Time” strategy and help you demonstrate your value story to payers and other stakeholders.


MSA Healthcare Data Management Solutions is the expert and market leader in providing Anonymous Patient Level Data (APLD) to the Life Science Industry. MSA can aide your pre-launch planning and post-launch lift using patented, HIPAA-compliant technologies to de-identify and link lab and other patient data, giving you visibility to physician behaviors for targeting purposes. Linking real-time clinical lab feeds into your CRM, enabling sales representatives to know which healthcare provider to target for “Right Patient, Right Time” messaging.


MSA can provide the data you need to follow the patient journey pre- and post- initiation of your therapy in real-world settings to demonstrate the value of your new product to payers and other stakeholders. For nearly two decades, MSA has been solving healthcare data management problems with patented, state-of-the-art technologies that help pharma see an up to 360ﹾ view of the patient journey. As the market leader, MSA HCDM offers pharma the most credentialed, most configurable, and most trusted HIPAA-compliant de-identification and matching solutions. The unparalleled service provided by MSA’s team of healthcare data management experts ensures the timely delivery of the highest quality data – the differentiating factor that many top life science companies rely on.


MSA’s structured methodology for integrating, protecting, and transforming disparate data from one or multiple sources into high-quality, longitudinally-aligned datasets leads to the actionable insights pharma requires to improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and drive innovative research. MSA’s Data@Factory links de-identified, MSA-provided Lab, Medical Claims, and EHR Clinical Data with other disparate data from one or more sources, providing a longitudinal anonymous patient-level database for sophisticated data analytics of the comprehensive patient journey.


As pharma continues to move away from national strategies and towards local market ecosystems, access to data and information is even more critical.


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