Measure Patient Outcomes and Treatment Effectiveness
Timely, de-identified lab data from MSA allows you to analyze treatment outcomes using a comparison of the lab results and assess treatment effectiveness using the lab results of patients on different therapies.

No More Guesswork: Rely on Longitudinal Outcomes Data From MSA

When healthcare organizations have access to complete and accurate information patients receive better care. Analyzing longitudinal diagnostic data from MSA is the best way to begin to eliminate the guesswork currently employed in most approaches to treatment assessment.

The real-world evidence that MSA provides helps you assess the clinical, economic, and humanistic value of treatments at all stages of product development, including before and after product launch. It helps inform critical questions related to a treatment, such “Does the treatment impact quality of life?”

Existing outcomes measures tell a lot about the effectiveness of treatment. Including lab data from MSA as an additional source of information improves this effort.

With unrivaled technical expertise and decades of developing strategic data solutions, MSA experts work to provide objective and credible evidence of value in real-world settings.

Data and Analytics in Action

No one understands data better than MSA – or puts it to better use. Our unique combination of targeted data, advanced analytics, and IT expertise positively change the way you provide care. Getting from concept to realizing tangible results involves knowing which questions to ask and having the right tools – and data – to answer them.

Stand-alone Lab Data from MSA provides unique insights, including answers to questions such as:

Is my treatment effective? Not effective?

Is my treatment more effective with certain demographics?

Is my treatment more effective with certain genotypes?

Is my treatment more effective with certain protocols for different genotypes?

Integrating Lab data from MSA with Pharmacy Claims, EHR, and Medical Claims data provides unique insights, including answers to questions such as:

How many patients are actually getting prescriptions filled?

How many prescriptions are filled according to treatment protocol?

What drug is actually being filled compared to the originally prescribed drug?

Is there a difference in the number of physician office visits based on brand?

Let MSA Customize a
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