With Healthcare Data, It's Not Who You Know...
It's Who You Don't Know

Safeguarding sensitive data while maintaining HIPAA and other regulatory compliance is one of the most significant challenges facing the healthcare industry. Partnering with MSA for data protection helps you get the most value from internal and external data and reduces the likelihood of security breaches.

We secure data better than everyone else.

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Maximize Value

MSA’s HIPAA-compliant custom solutions provide the anonymous databases you need to increase your focus and maximize your investment in patient-level analytics.

MSA helps you develop a proactive data strategy by removing the burden of compliance with working with PHI and ePHI. We allow you to expand your services to include HIPAA-certified de-identification services. Our patented solutions allow you (or us) to integrate and analyze data from one to many sources.

We do this – and more – without compromising patient confidentiality.

Protecting data at risk can be really tough...

We do it really well so you don't have to.

Balancing Privacy and Quality

Healthcare and life science organizations strive to demonstrate outcomes that reduce cost, improve population health, and prove value to stakeholders.

At the same time, privacy concerns are increasing as the volume of healthcare data grows faster than ever from an increasing array of sources including claims, clinical, hospital, and research. Most healthcare leaders recognize the need for an effective, anonymized patient-level strategy that demonstrates outcomes and visualizes the patient journey, while meeting privacy obligations and without diminishing the analytic utility of the data.

MSA utilizes a standardized de-identification methodology – the Expert Determination Method – in order to balance data privacy and quality.

Best Practice Approach to De-Identification

MSA’s best practice approach to de-identification employs a combination of de-identification techniques - masking, encryption, and tokenization - to create a de-identified data set enabling patient-level analytics and/or longitudinal alignment of the patient data across multiple data sources. The data set can then be shared within the organization or with outside organizations.

Data Masking

Replacing an individual field within a data set with another value of the same data type and data format

Data Encryption

Encrypting one or more data fields using an encryption algorithm such as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

Data Tokenization

Anonymizing a combination of multiple data fields using a one-way, non-reversible hashing algorithm

Have It Your Way
MSA will happily de-identify your healthcare data for you. We're also OK if you want to keep your data to yourself - you really don't have to share.

MSA keeps personal data personal no matter where the data is de-identified. You simply choose the MSA deployment option that best fits your needs.

Our highly-configurable de-identification solutions can be deployed:

Within MSA's HITRUST-Certified Environment

Within Your Environment

Within Your Data Provider's Environment

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