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MSA Patient Data Offerings -
Truly Understand
The Patient Journey
Integrate Your Internal Data With Lab, Medical Claims, Digital Behavioral, and EMR Clinical Data From MSA

Real-World Evidence to Fully Understand the Patient Journey BEFORE and AFTER Starting Therapy

Data Offerings Via Solid Partnerships with Leading Data Providers

Real-world evidence is changing how healthcare players think. Leading Life Sciences companies utilize the data offerings from MSA (Lab Data, EMR Clinical Data, Medical Claims Data, and Digital Behavioral Data) to discover how treatments perform in the real world and better understand both the patient and the patient journey.

Standalone or combined (yours and/or ours), multiple data types provide insights into product performance, consumer behavior, and opportunities that increase market share. Our patented De-Identification and Data Management technologies secure and connect your patient-level data with targeted and timely data from MSA to provide the unique insights needed to improve health outcomes.

MSA Healthcare Data Provider

MSA focuses on using data in innovative ways to drive positive changes in the industry and enable improvements in healthcare.

MSA’s diverse data sets tell an in-depth story about your population: Who are they? How do they behave? How do they differ – and what’s driving the differences? How does advertising influence their treatment?  What do they need?

MSA data provides solutions for your most challenging problems and helps forward-thinking organizations, those determined to provide quality care and manage cost and utilization while improving outcomes and revenue, make more informed clinical and financial decisions.

Track/Trend Virus Progression & Impact, including COVID-19,

with MSA Healthcare Data Management-Provided Data

MSA Healthcare Data Management

offers high-quality Lab Data

to understand and respond to outbreaks

including the outbreak of COVID-19.


Additional MSA-provided data sources

to support pandemic efforts include:

Achieve Better Outcomes and a Stronger Bottom Line

MSA data solutions deliver data-driven business transformation.

TARGETED for Actionable Insights

Overwhelmed by unnecessary data? Paying for data you don’t need? Unlike other companies selling syndicated data, MSA provides only the data you need, in whatever way makes the most sense for your specific projects. Tap into MSA’s unequaled data set for both patient-level and aggregated analyses.


We provide longitudinally-aligned data sets ready for advanced analytics. MSA data answers critical business questions and allows you to, for example:

Act early in the sales process. Target physicians with appropriate drug education and training before a script is written.

Measure patient outcomes and treatment effectiveness.

Evaluate brand utilization and performance; utilizing brand and market share data to drive advertising and campaigns.

Assess Pharmacy Network performance. Measure the performance of a Specialty Pharmacy with a closed network.

Track Specialty Pharmacy performance. Target pharmaceutical manufacturers for inclusion in new closed Specialty Pharmacy networks and payers for inclusion in pharmacy benefit plans.

Utilize digital and mobile activity to identify behavior patterns of patients.


We create connections within and among the Claims, Digital Behavioral, Lab, and EMR data we provide, and with your internal data, to identify  patterns and give you an up to 360 degree view of the patient journey.


Receive data when you need it, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.


Focus time and resources on physicians most likely to prescribe your therapy


Measure patient outcomes-based disease conditions where lab results are an indicator of outcomes (e.g., cholesterol, diabetes, HEP-C)


Measure the impact of digital behavior on pharmaceutical sales

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Discover how MSA-provided Lab, EMR Clinical, Medical Claims, Hospital Charge, and Digital Behavioral data (stand-alone or integrated with your internal data) can help shape your organization.

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