Precision Medicine = Precision Targeting

Precision Medicine = Precision Targeting

The future of medicine is being driven by technology as a part of scientific discovery. Precision medicine, an emerging treatment paradigm, aims to find the right therapy at the right time based on an individual’s unique genetic background,. Studies of phenotypes and genotypes, along with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), have provided vast and expanding knowledge of how genomics play a role in determining the risk for diseases, as well as guide effective diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.


A few months back, I blogged about how clinical lab data drives about 70% of medical decisions. The intersection of genomic discovery and the proven history of how certain lab values are risk factors or indicators of controlled or uncontrolled chronic disease provides pharma a unique opportunity.


Imagine, your company is preparing to launch a new product for liver disease. Knowing that a simple Liver Function Blood Test (LFT) indicates the progression of the disease, envision how your launch could benefit from the ability to identify physicians that ordered that test. Visualize, too, an alert appearing in your CMR directing your Pharmaceutical Sales Specialists (PSSs) to message the ordering physician, describing the efficacy and safety of your new product.


Armed with this near-real-time information, your PSSs have the opportunity to influence the prescriber, in some cases even before the patient’s lab results have been reviewed. Via the timely communication from your PSS, your product information will be forefront in the physician’s mind at the time of decision making and when building a treatment plan.


How would this work?  Utilizing market-leading Anonymous Patient Level Data (APLD) technology and partnering with the nation’s leading clinical labs, MSA can provide daily, weekly, or monthly feeds of physicians who have ordered clinical lab tests relevant to your brand and disease state.  Armed with this information, (rather than the old practice of routine routing PSS’s use to target their physicians) your PSSs can more accurately and timely interact with the physicians having a need to prescribe your new or existing product to the right patient, at the right time.


Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver and kidney diseases, and oncology are a few examples of the disease states for which MSA could provide companion lab data to aid strategic targeting in order to accelerate new product adoption or improve established brand performance.


Don’t just imagine your future. Activate your future by partnering with MSA for precise physician targeting. Help ensure the right patient receives your right medication at the right time!


As the market leader, MSA HCDM offers pharma the most credentialed, most configurable, and most trusted HIPAA-compliant de-identification and matching solutions. The unparalleled service provided by MSA’s team of healthcare data management experts ensures the timely delivery of the highest quality data – the differentiating factor that many top life science companies rely on.


MSA’s structured methodology for integrating, protecting, and transforming disparate data from one or multiple sources into high-quality, longitudinally-aligned datasets leads to the actionable insights pharma requires to improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and drive innovative research.


MSA’s Data@Factory links de-identified, MSA-provided Lab, Medical Claims, and EHR Clinical Data with other disparate data from one or more sources, providing a longitudinal anonymous patient-level database for sophisticated data analytics of the comprehensive patient journey.


Learn more about MSA HCDM. Reach out to the HCDM Team.  Visit us at


Marianne Ryan
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