Data Quality

Is inconsistent and/or inaccurate data costing you money?

Slowing you down? Keeping you from reaching your business objectives?

Turn to MSA for the Highest Quality Patient Data.

A Key Differentiator:

MSA’s Quality Patient Data Process

Continuous transparent focus on technical excellence

Data quality comes to the forefront when looking at the value of the decisions made based on that data.

MSA’s Data Quality Management processes ensure that the highest quality data is used for the advanced analytics that lead to more informed decisions, greater efficiency, and ultimately, a competitive advantage.

Our Quality Process, supported by a combination of technology platforms and expert technologists, begins with defining project strategy, continues with on-boarding data providers, followed by file processing and quality measurement and on-going data provider management.

Data fed into a Dashboard at each step allows Customers, Data Providers, and MSA Operations Staff to understand status and issues, and make continuous quality improvements.

MSA Quality Process

A Transparent Focus on Quality Allows All Stakeholders...

...To Take an Active Role In The Conversation About Data Quality

Defining a Project Strategy

Defining the project strategy in close collaboration with the customer ensures that project deliverables

meet or exceed clearly defined expectations and support the agreed-upon objectives

Quality Process Cycle

Understand the availability of the required data

Agree upon file delivery input and output formats

On-Boarding Data Providers

Understand the data provider-specific compliance guidelines

Perform iterative testing as required

Identify and bridge gaps between required and available data

Promote data provider to production


File Processing and Quality Measurement

The ever-increasing demand for large-scale analysis heightens the need for data governance and data quality assurance. MSA’s tried and true data management processes maximize information usability – driving more meaning and value out of the data. Our Quality Process Cycle improves the trustworthiness of the results.

The File Processing and Quality Measurement phase of MSA’s Quality Process Cycle includes:

Complex data cleansing, normalization, and validation

Implementing customer-defined rules

Performing analytics and generating reports

Creating custom deliverables

Throughout the entire processing cycle, the MSA Data@Factory generates alerts when needed while monitoring:

Incoming File Quality

Field-Level Quality

Data Content Quality

Alerts – configurable at the project, data provider, and the data-feed level – drive consistent quality data within and across multiple sources.

Our integrated, unified platform encompasses the full end-to-end process for information management and proactively monitors data quality.

Tier 1 Alerts

Red Alert (Fatal Error)

File or record processing is ABORTED

Operations Team researches processing issues

Notifies data provider

Tier 2 Alerts

File or record processing is SUSPENDED to allow further analysis

Quarantined data is not included in processing

Tier 3 Alerts

Yellow Alert (WARNING)

File or record processing CONTINUES WITH WARNINGS

On-Going Data Provider Management

Ongoing Monitoring

Monitor data provider compliance with the file delivery schedule

Ongoing Validation

Validate file, field, and data content quality against measures and business rules

Ongoing Notification

Notify both the data provider and the customer of any quality issues

Ongoing Collaboration

Continue to work with the data provider until all quality issues are resolved

Why Partner with MSA?

We have decades of experience in the type of data quality management that is essential for reliable data analytics and statistics