Uncover the Full Patient Journey

Uncover the Full Patient Journey

Patient privacy and data security are among the most pressing issues facing organizations trying to bring healthcare data together. Aligning data across the full patient journey is complicated by the fact that healthcare data in both clinical care and the “real world” is generated in many forms.


Committed to advancing healthcare while protecting Personal Health Information (PHI), MSA supports compliance with standards, guidelines, and legislation issued by regulatory bodies, including HIPAA. Advanced de-identification options provide greater security and data protection when exporting sensitive data. MSA’s patented De-Identification Engine and Data@Factory transform this raw disparate data – including but not limited to pharmacy, medical, and hospital claim data – into connected information. The services provided by MSA help you get the most out of data. You don’t have to on-board data providers, validate data, continuously manage data providers, link the data yourself, or build the patient matching algorithm yourself. MSA does all of this for you.


For decades, MSA’s experienced HCDM team has been providing market leading, comprehensive solutions – servers, infrastructure, and software. Managing all aspects of the de-identification and data management processes, MSA’s knowledgeable technologists transform the way the full patient journey is visualized, helping you make the data-driven critical decisions needed to improve outcomes and dominate the market.


Click here to download the whitepaper:  Uncover the Full Patient Journey.




Marianne Ryan
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