Changing the Paradigm of Specialty Pharmacy Data Analytics

Aggregating Data

Changing the Paradigm of Specialty Pharmacy Data Analytics

Specialty Pharmacy data analytics are changing due to the fact that combining clinical data with Specialty Pharmacy data gives a more complete picture of the patient’s story. Aggregated patient-centric data guides product development and product distribution, from the discovery process through patient outcomes measurement and ultimately determining the effectiveness of the drug. Specialty Pharmacy data analytics that aggregate Specialty Pharmacy data with data from other sources can measure both the effectiveness of pharmacy care and product performance. By mining patient-level outcomes data, a Specialty Pharmacy can analyze the efficacy and safety profile of a specific treatment.



Linking Lab Results data and Specialty Pharmacy data creates countless additional improvement opportunities, including advances in knowledge of drug effects/outcomes and prescriber/
patient behaviors (adherence and switching). Specialty Pharmacy teams are combining their pharmacy data with Lab Results data to create individualized patient care plans. These plans include highly-personalized interventions to increase medication adherence resulting in improved clinical outcomes for their at-risk patients. Specialty Pharmacies are able to baseline, measure, and analyze changes in a patient’s response to therapy over time. The analytics can be extended to identify trends across different patient cohorts. Lab results data can also be compared to standard product effectiveness benchmarks to assess patient responses to their individualized care plans.



Specialty Pharmacy data analytics that combine Lab Results data with Specialty Pharmacy data answer questions, such as:

  • Is my care plan effective for my Specialty Pharmacy patients?
  • Is my care plan more effective with certain demographics? Certain genotypes?
  • Is one care plan more effective than another (yielding better clinical outcomes)?
  • How are my Specialty Pharmacy patients improving compared to a benchmark?
  • Are there ways to identify, address, and/or prevent medication errors, including drug toxicity?
  • Is a drug’s efficacy peaking after a certain amount of time?



Learn more about the value of linking Specialty Pharmacy data with data from other sources. Click here to download the whitepaper:  Changing the Paradigm of Specialty Pharmacy Data Analytics.




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