MSA Improving Data Quality

Quality Process

MSA Improving Data Quality

High quality healthcare data is a strategic asset. Having appropriate healthcare data quality processes in place directly correlates with an organization’s ability to make the right decisions. Rapidly growing volumes of differently structured healthcare data from multiple (internal and external) sources and stricter compliance requirements make it more important than ever to ensure that data quality standards are met.

MSA Quality Process


MSA’s Quality Process, a key differentiator, identifies and eliminates the root cause of errors. Eliminating data errors results in cost savings and lower risk. Supported by its patented Data@Factory technology platform and expert technologists, MSA’s Quality Process puts a transparent focus on technical excellence. The MSA Quality Process involves four phases:


  • Defining Project Strategy
  • Data Supplier On-Boarding
  • File Processing and Quality Measurement
  • On-going Data Provider Management



All steps in the process are tied together through a project dashboard that displays Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), allowing stakeholders to understand status, issues, and areas where they can improve. MSA’s Quality Process ensures that the highest quality data is available for the advanced analytics needed to support, and move forward, the healthcare industry.


Learn more about how MSA’s Quality Process give you a competitive advantage. Click here to download the whitepaper:  How To Improve Data Quality.




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