Clinical Lab Results Data Helps Pharma Assess COVID-19 Impact

Clinical Lab Results Data Helps Pharma Assess COVID-19 Impact

Did you know that 70% of medical diagnosis are informed by clinical lab results data?


Over the past five months, round-the-clock news reports have kept us well informed of data related to patients testing positive for COVID-19. People everywhere have been closely following this data in an attempt to gauge – and hopefully control – the impact of the virus.


Critical insights about the patient journey can, however, also be gained by analyzing the lab results of people testing negative for COVID-19, as well as those who have developed the antibodies for the virus – patients who have recovered from COVID-19 or a-symptomatic patients who may or may not have been tested previously.


Armed with clinical lab results information, pharma has a strategic advantage in developing clinical trials and real-world retrospective cross-over studies to assess the impact of COVID-19 on patients with chronic conditions, such as Diabetes and Cardiovascular and Kidney diseases.


For pharma companies with in-line therapies for chronic conditions, lab (and other data) is readily available to assess the potential disruption of the efficacy of existing therapies – for patients with COVID-19.


MSA’s healthcare data management solutions provide the tools pharma needs to accurately analyze the journey of patients with chronic diseases by linking clinical lab results, prescriptions, EMR and medical claims data – all while protecting patient privacy – enabling pharma to

  • Drive innovative research
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Assess performance of in-line brands
  • Reduce healthcare costs


MSA provides the Life Sciences industry the most credentialed, configurable, and trusted de-identification and data management services and solutions. Contact the HCDM Team for more information about MSA Healthcare Data Management solutions.

Marianne Ryan
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