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Your data is one of your most valuable assets; however, if not managed properly, it’s practically worthless. The real value of data comes to the forefront when looking at the value of decisions made on the data.

Make better decisions using data you can trust. MSA’s Healthcare Data Management policies, procedures, and processes ensure that your data is accurate, secure, and ready for you or us (or both) to perform the advanced analytics that lead to better decisions, greater efficiency, and a competitive advantage.

Best Approach to De-Identification

MSA’s best practice approach to de-identification employs a combination of de-identification techniques – masking, encryption, and tokenization – to create a de-identified data set enabling patient-level analytics and/or longitudinal alignment of the patient data across multiple data sources. The data set can then be shared within the organization or with outside organizations.


Highest Matching Rates

MSA Healthcare Data Management’s patented Data@Factory patient-matching technology integrates your internal data with MSA-provided Lab Data, Digital Behavioral Data, EMR Clinical Data, and Medical Claims Data to discover and control how costs, utilization, and outcomes evolve as patients move through the healthcare system.

Trustworthy Data

There’s a lot on the (bottom) line. 

Rely on MSA’s Data Management expertise to get the most from healthcare data.  

MSA’s Data Quality Management processes ensure that the highest quality data is used for the advanced analytics that lead to more informed decisions, greater efficiency, and ultimately, a competitive advantage.

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