MSA Approach to Leveraging APLD

Analyzing aggregate anonymous patient data over time enables pharmaceutical companies to better understand treatment efficacy and discover new market segments for generating revenue. Anonymized patient-level data (APLD), a longitudinally-linked record of patients’ medical and pharmaceutical care, provides detailed information on patient, payor, and provider dynamics — giving pharma a precise view of the interactions between/among these groups.

MSA’s patient matching technologies link de-identified disease-, diagnosis-, and treatment-centric information from different systems with varying formats – including separate clinical, laboratory, pharmacy, and claim systems – to maximize the pharma industry’s understanding of the patient journey and patient behavior, as well as the physician prescribing behavior.

Learn how MSA’s HIPAA-compliant/HITRUST-certified, state-of-the-art technologies help pharma use anonymized patient level data to drive their marketing, sales and overall strategies, ensuring the delivery of the right therapy to the right people, faster.

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