Data Challenges Rising From Evolving Care and Medication Delivery Models

Evolving delivery models: the growth of Independent Delivery Networks (IDN) focused on improving quality and outcomes while reducing cost, the growing number of biologics and small molecules that require Specialty Pharmacy (SP) delivery, as well as the increasing use of HUBs to manage product launches as well as savings card and voucher programs results in disconnected data. Fragmented information negatively impacts Pharma’s ability to make informed strategic planning decisions. In addition to the need to demonstrate value, the evolution of care models and changing medication delivery models have made it more difficult for pharma to visualize the patient journey.

The healthcare delivery system has continued to evolve, including a slow, yet steady change from physician-owned practices to the emergence of IDNs. IDNs create ecosystems that vary greatly city by city, state to state. The one common thread within all ecosystems, is the influence that IDNs can have over providers and payers, creating a need for deeper analytics, way beyond capturing a prescription for physician targeting.

The key to quality data is accurate patient matching, ensuring that one patient is seen as one patient, not multiple patients. MSA Healthcare Data Management (HCDM) offers pharma the most credentialed, most configurable, and most trusted HIPAA-compliant de-identification and matching solutions.

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