Changing the Paradigm of Specialty Pharmacy Data Analytics

Specialty Pharmacy data analytics help improve the therapeutic value of a drug, leading to better patient outcomes. However, getting all this data on a single platform can be challenging. Integrating this data, typically from multiple internal and external source systems (Claims, EMRs, Lab Results, Social Media, and more), is even more daunting – but extremely beneficial.


Aggregated patient-centric data guides product development and product distribution, from the discovery process through patient outcomes measurement and ultimately determining the effectiveness of the drug. Aggregating Specialty Pharmacy with data from other sources provides another means to measure both the effectiveness of pharmacy care and product performance.


By mining patient-level outcomes data, a Specialty Pharmacy can analyze the efficacy and safety profile of a specific treatment and answer questions such as:


How many of my Specialty Pharmacy patients treated with a particular care plan need hospital or emergency care? How many times?


What other medical conditions do my patients have?


Could my care plan effectively treat an additional condition or patient subset?



Read how MSA helps Specialty Pharmacies answer these types of questions and more to gain a competitive advantage. MSA aggregates data for specialty pharmacy data analytics in ways that drive informed, real-time decisions and deliver greater value.

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