MSA Data-Driven Solutions Help Pharma Resolve Minority Recruitment Issues

Differences in lived experiences, opportunity, and exposure to environmental stressors and toxins among racial/ethnic groups can be missed when clinical trials fail to test interventions on diverse participants. This lack of/or low representation of racial/ethnic minority groups in clinical trials could result in the development of interventions that do not translate well into real-world use and are not efficacious in different populations.

MSA Healthcare Data Management’s (HCDM) solutions help the industry focus the trial recruitment criteria on the disease prevalence from the get-go.  MSA HCDM’s leading technologies enable the gathering of trial recruitment data effort – including identifying the right places to pursue trial sites – increasing pharma’s access to minority patient and physician clusters. Through the use of real-world evidence, MSA helps pharma pinpoint high incidence rates and develop strategies for targeting/educating the most appropriate physicians and patients.

By enriching and integrating disease prevalence data with other data sources, such as MSA-provided Lab Diagnostic data, Medical Claims data, Hospital Charge data, and EHR Clinical data, MSA HCDM solutions optimize clinical trials via more efficient site and patient identification.

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