MSA HCDM’s patented De-Identification (De-ID) Engine and Data@Factory address the healthcare industry’s rapidly growing need for end-to-end, HIPAA-compliant solutions that provide de-identified data for sophisticated patient-centric analytics. Leading healthcare companies and academic and research organizations rely on Data@Factory-generated APLDs for deep insights that improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and drive innovative research. 


  • Data normalization and cleansing of PHI token fields
  • Generation of HIPAA-compliant patient-linking tokens
  • Data encryption and/or obfuscation of non-patient token fields as required by HIPAA data certification or HIPAA safe harbor requirements


  • Complex multi-dimensional data alignment and management across multiple data sources
  • Automated data management and validation reporting, interventions, and alert notifications
  • Data Provider Management, including file monitoring and data quality issue resolution
  • Data normalization and standardization of patient matching and other data elements across all data sources