MSA's Patented Linking Technology Allows Secure Joining of Patient Records...

Across Multiple Sources Without Exposing PHI

View The Big Picture

Your organization’s competitive advantage depends on having the right information at the right time. MSA’s ability to efficiently integrate data supports your ability to make the right decisions.

MSA’s single, unified platform provides a comprehensive, up to 360 view of an individual. We integrate protected patient-level data, enabling complex analytics that lead to actionable insights.

The Perfect Match

Our Data@Factory patient-matching technology integrates your proprietary data with MSA-provided Lab, Behavioral, EMR Clinical, and Medical Claims data to discover and control how costs, utilization, and outcomes evolve as patients move through the healthcare system.

Fully understand the patient experience before and after starting on therapy, including how, when, and where patients are treated, and measure treatment outcomes and effectiveness.

Expertise in Connecting the Dots

MSA integrates and aggregates diverse, raw PHI and de-identified data from one to many sources.
Adding tokens to your proprietary internal data enables it to be joined with MSA-provided data.


Physician, Pharmacy, Specialty Pharmacy, and Hospital Claims Data


External, Laboratory, and Practitioner EHR Data


EHR, ADT, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Diagnostic, and Genomic Test Data


Consumer, Study, Social Media, Registry, Research Data, and Mobile/Online Activity

Tried and True

MSA Data@Factory technology has been helping to advance healthcare for decades.

MSA’s patented, patient-matching technologies are used by all segments of the healthcare industry, including pharmaceutical manufacturers, emerging and established specialty pharmacy providers, consultants, HUBs, and Payers.

MSA does so much more than business as usual. Let us show you how we can increase your potential for performance improvement.